8 June, 2021 - Melbourne

"This is the moment of our times for us as women leaders to RE:SOLVE to strengthen leadership and impact in ensuring Australia emerges stronger and more equal in the post-COVID world.
The active presence and engagement of women leaders from all sectors at decision tables across Australia is vital to responding to the challenges and building a more inclusive, resilient and stronger nation, economy and community. The deep experience and expertise of CEW members individually and collectively, can make a significant contribution to Australia’s success.”

Sam Mostyn AO, CEW President

The CEW Summit will be held in person (COVID permitting) and online. Attendees will be notified if arrangements must be changed at short notice. The CEW Summit will be held in accordance with Australian Government COVID-19 health regulations.

Annabel Crabb

Writer, Presenter

Natasha Stott Despoja AO

UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

Major General Simone Wilkie AO

The Beaufort Group

Olivia Wirth

Chief Executive Officer
Qantas Loyalty

CEW Women in Leadership Summit

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, Arts Centre Melbourne

The inaugural CEW Women in Leadership Summit takes place on 8 June 2021 in Melbourne, connecting members and partners in their RE:SOLVE to make much needed change for women’s economic and social well-being.

CEW Women in Leadership Summit Summary

  • Women in Leadership 
  • Women’s workforce participation 
  • Workforce flexibility 
  • Economic security 

Chief Executive Women

Founded in 1985, Chief Executive Women (CEW) now represents over 640 of Australia’s most senior and distinguished women leaders, whose shared mission is ‘women leaders enabling other women leaders’.

We strive to educate and influence all levels of Australian business and government on the importance of gender balance. Through advocacy, targeted programs and scholarships, CEW works to remove the barriers to women’s progression and ensure equal opportunity for prosperity. CEW programs are informed by research, led by CEW Members, and generously supported by our partners.


Special thanks to the CEW Women In Leadership Summit Committee for volunteering their time and invaluable expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to make the CEW Summit possible.

The CEW Women In Leadership Summit Committee 2021:

  • Dee McGrath (Committee Chair), CEO, Retirement & Superannuation Solutions, Link Group
  • Amanda Johnston-Pell, Vice President Marketing Services Center – Asia
  • Jodie Leonard, Non-Executive Director, X2M Connect, and Great Ocean Road Coast & Parks Authority
  • Brooke Miller, Vice President Castrol AsPac, Castrol